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Patients and their families from more than 50 countries around the world have benefited from our half-century old tradition of excellence in healthcare. Our excellence has led to Moolchand being a preferred choice for many VIP’s including international diplomats and business leaders. Here is what some of our patients have to say about their Moolchand experience.

Real patients...Real stories

Thank you for the excellent services and treatment!

I am a 59-year old man who had been suffering from urine stricture and associated urine blockage. I was lucky to have been treated by Dr. Saurabh Mishra for my condition. The doctor explained patiently all I asked.     

Overall, my experience was great, because, in addition to a successful treatment, the warm environment at the front desk was also a bonus. Given the toughness of tight work-schedules in a hospital, the front office and administration staff was very organised and professional without losing the caring touch. Everything is smooth and easy here. Thank you for the excellent services and treatment!

Raghubir S

Finally sleeping soundly and pain-free!

When I first met Dr. Shashi Bala,I had many health concerns including hypertension, diabetes, gastric trouble and night time heartburn. During my sleep, I was usually awakened by heartburn. For many years, I had slept with my head and chest uncomfortably propped up on a pile of pillows. It was the most difficult part of living with this condition. 

I followed the prescribed vegetarian diet and took Ayurvedic medicines suggested by Dr. Bala. This made a huge difference in my condition. In two months, I started enjoying the benefits of Ayurvedic medicines. My family also noticed the changes in my health. I felt rejuvenated and found my medical troubles disappearing. Certainly, coming to Moolchand was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I give two thumbs up to Moolchand and Dr. Shashi Bala!

Saroj M

Manufacturer and supplier of steel wire ropes

Thanks for instant support and diligence!

This is beyond a review. It is beyond a recommendation. It is the smallest possible token of my most heartfelt gratitude towards the doctor who treated my cataract in its early stage. Dr. Satish Mehta is one of the doctors who do their great excellent work with diligence and humility. There are few people like him.

After being in touch with him for 10-15 days, I look upon him as one of my best friends and also with everlasting gratitude. I offer him best of luck.


Satisfied patient!

I have recently undergone a cataract surgery at Moolchand. Dr. Satish Mehta was always there to answer to all my queries that my inquisitiveness had. The surgery was a success. Thank you very much for the successful procedure and for taking care of me. The hospitality at Moolchand was excellent with clean sheets and washrooms.

Krishna Kumari

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Happiness reclaimed! A huge "Thank You" to the exceptional eye doctor!

Recently, I suffered from Bell’s palsy that lasted for more than a month. My facial asymmetry and droop resolved after physical therapy and medications, but I could not blink my eyes which caused extreme eye dryness and inflammation. My left eyelid was not functioning correctly, so I could not shut my eyes all of the way during my sleep hours.

I immediately consulted Dr. Satish Mehta for my eye-related symptoms which were quite disruptive at that time. Dr. Mehta has a a great deal of compassion and a one- of-a-kind talent to back it up – all that makes him an exceptional eye doctor. He established an appropriate treatment for me. His ability to empathize with me during my visits made me feel as though he could see me, not just as another patient, but as a human being. I really trust him and trust isn't something that comes easily.

If you or someone you love is experiencing Bell's palsy, bring them to Dr. Mehta at Moolchand. I am sure your condition will be fully cured!

Rambir S

Employee of New India Assurance Co. Ltd.

Thank you for your kindness and care!

After sustaining a grave injury to my left eye, I needed immediate medical assistance. I rushed to Moolchand and met Dr. Satish Mehta. He took my detailed medical history and did x-rays to rule out any bony injury, or serious eye condition. He examined me thoroughly and explained his findings with easy to understand visuals. To conclude, every aspect of my treatment by Dr. Mehta was excellent. With his care, I got better and it is needless to say, “I am not taking my prescription anywhere else but Moolchand!”

Appreciative of Dr. Satish Mehta’s approachability and diligence, I thank him wholeheartedly!

Davinder B

Personal Secretary

Excellent staff and surgeons!

I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude towards the surgical team at Moolchand. From the time of my admission to the period immediately after my gallbladder surgery (laparoscopic cholecystectomy), in fact throughout the entire process, I was treated in a friendly and professional manner. I would like to thank everyone involved in getting my surgical care.

Special thanks to Dr. Sachin.  I also appreciate the warmth and support accorded to me by the nurses, catering and housekeeping personnel.

Yashoda Rani



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