India's 1st JCI and NABH accredited Hospital
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    Our tradition of excellence in healthcare has led Moolchand to being a preferred choice for many VIP’s including international diplomats and business leaders. We understand the stress international visitors face in receiving overseas medical care. Our program is structured to ensure that you don’t have to worry about anything beyond your loved one’s medical care.
    +91 99589 97292
    Lajpat Nagar III, Near Moolchand Metro Station, New Delhi 110 024

    Preferred choice of patients for the right advice, every time!

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    Moolchand Healthcare Private Limited

    If you want to reach us regarding any statutory, regulatory, legal and other related matters, please contact:

    +91 11 4200 0000

    Moolchand Trust

    If you want to reach us regarding any statutory, regulatory, legal and other related matters, please contact:

    +91 11 4200 0000

    Ensuring Compliance. Respecting courageous Whistle blowers.

    Moolchand, in its dealings, is self-regulated by the “Moolchand Code of Conduct”.

    • We prohibit offering or accepting bribes, whether in cash or otherwise, to or from any entity included but not limited to government officials, customers or potential customers, vendors, or consultants in order to influence officials or obtain business or secure any improper advantage.
    • Moolchand has a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination and all forms of unlawful harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment.
    • Moolchand follows 100% income tax compliant customer billing at all times. We always provide system generated receipts for all payments made at Moolchand Front Offices. In no situation do we do cash transactions without computer generated receipts.

    Our whistle blower policy encourages you to bring to light any misconduct made by any Moolchand management team member, consultant or employee.

    • Clinical misconduct
      • Staff/Physicians advising tests and diagnostics at an alternate institution (diagnostic/imaging centre).
        • No unnecessary tests/procedure is done at Moolchand because “we do what’s right for you”. There’s no reward to physicians for any tests or diagnostics done at Moolchand.
        • We aim to bring to our customers cutting edge technology in a convenient, accredited setting all at an affordable rate.
      • Staff/Physicians advising cross consultation, procedures and surgery outside Moolchand (e.g. nursing homes, other clinic/home clinic/other hospital).
      • Staff/Physicians advising consultation follow up at outside Moolchand (e.g. other clinic/home clinic).
      • Staff/Physicians advising pharmacy from outside Moolchand
        • Wide range of genuine medicines are available 24x7 at Moolchand Pharmacy
        • Medicines are directly procured from leading pharmaceutical companies ensuring safety/quality
        • We regularly offer attractive discounts
    • Financial improprietaries
      • By Billing Staff
        • No receipt for payments made
        • Payments collected by anyone other than Billing Team
      • By Procurement and Payments Team
        • Bribes
        • Kickbacks
    • Staff misconduct
      • Rude, indecent, discriminatory remarks
      • Sexual advances

    We are committed to creating a safe and ethical environment for all stakeholders at all times. Any violation or potential violation of our Code of Conduct can be promptly escalated to:

    All feedback will be kept confidential. We reward whistle blowers as it helps us create a truly world class organization and demonstrate that at Moolchand we really do “walk the talk”.

    Moolchand Medcity Agra

    +91 56235 00700

    Moolchand Kharaiti Ram Hospital

    +91 11 4200 0000

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