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    Patients and their families from more than 50 countries around the world have benefited from our half-century old tradition of excellence in healthcare. Our excellence has led to Moolchand being a preferred choice for many VIP’s including international diplomats and business leaders. Here is what some of our patients have to say about their Moolchand experience.

    Real patients...Real stories

    "Thank you Moolchand Emergency, you made my emergency disappear"

    It was an amazing experience for me to be in a hospital which was efficient, attentive, friendly, approachable and quick to ease my troubles. I came back home with my child transformed to hale and hearty, laughing with me. Truly, a new year gift..."Moolchand" an able, capable and dependable friend on whom I can always count on. God bless and keep up the good work always!

    Suneeta K

    Mother of a teenager

    “Completely satisfied with the treatment!”

    Last month, I was severely unwell due to dengue; thanks to Dr. Rajesh who competently cared for me and restored my life to normalcy and happiness. He is a solutions-oriented doctor and he made me feel very confident about being under his care.

    Skilled in dealing with a variety of medical conditions, Dr. Rajesh Meena goes above and beyond to help each patient. My family and I have been visiting him for our medical issues and every visit at Moolchand has always been a welcoming and pleasant experience.

    Raj Kumar P

    “Everlasting gratitude for a trustworthy and intelligent doctor!”

    I was recently treated by Dr. Rajesh for a viral infection. Dr. Rajesh went beyond providing medicinal management. He conducted optimum head to toe physical examination, made judicious use of laboratory findings and then started my treatment plan. This showed his rich work experience and expertise in internal medicine. I have developed an everlasting gratitude for this trustworthy and intelligent doctor.


    A very nurturing experience, despite being fairly new to Moolchand!

    To be a doctor means much more than to dispense pills. To be a doctor is to be an intermediary between man and God. Dr. Rajesh Meena is one such doctor by whom I was treated for my typhoid. He gives his complete dedication to his patients. He is honest and consistently positive. 

    Though my case was challenging, Dr. Rajesh made me feel safe and assured. I thank him for all his efforts. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Rajesh to anyone looking for quality care.

    Anandita G

    A budding model and artist

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    Certainly, coming to Dr. Rajesh Meena was a good decision!

    I was vomiting, had diarrhoea and mild fever which intermittently spiked. Initially, I thought it was a case of food poisoning, but as my condition worsened I came to Moolchand where I was diagnosed with typhoid. During my consultation with Dr. Rajesh Meena, I found him approachable and assuring. His energetic and enthusiastic way of communication eased out my stress and sickness. Within 2-3 days of taking the prescribed medications, I was back to my daily routine. Certainly, coming to Dr. Rajesh Meena was a good decision. I shall keep coming back to him whenever I need medical care.

    Yash D

    Utmost comfort and assurance at Moolchand!

    My right shoulder problem became aggravated and resulted in decreased mobility. I had a deep tissue massage at a physical therapy centre in USA; however, within 3-4 days, my right shoulder pain went from uncomfortable to debilitating. I wasn’t sure what was going on.

    When I returned to India, I saw Dr. Neetan Sachdeva who studied my MRI and evaluated my condition. Dr. Neetan took complete care of me and I followed his suggestion to take physical therapy sessions at Moolchand. Now from only 20% mobility it has remarkably improved to 95% range of motion. This is unbelievable and absolutely amazing! 

    Needless to say, I am truly grateful to Dr. Neetan and the capable team of physical therapists at Moolchand.


    Business owner

    Top notch care and pleasant experience at Moolchand!

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis since 2012 and have a history of chronic joint pain. Back then I was in Canada and was undergoing treatment from a renowned hospital, but there was marginal improvement in my condition. 

    Recently, in a slip-and-fall accident, my right ankle got badly fractured. I came to Dr. Neetan Sachdeva in extreme pain and swelling. He immediately comforted me and administered appropriate medication following a plaster cast on my ankle. I remember his smile as he came into the ED room and he simply brought a wave of peace to the room. His care for me during that time meant the world to me. 

    He is not just an awesome and knowledgeable doctor but also a wonderful human being! I wish him a very bright future and continuous success.

    Vandana B




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