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    Patients and their families from more than 50 countries around the world have benefited from our half-century old tradition of excellence in healthcare. Our excellence has led to Moolchand being a preferred choice for many VIP’s including international diplomats and business leaders. Here is what some of our patients have to say about their Moolchand experience.

    Real patients...Real stories

    Seamless patient-focused care!

    I was seen by multiple physicians and was administered many medications. I also had to undergo many investigations including CT, MRI, endoscopies, ultrasound scans and so on. All treatments tried at various clinics had failed. I wasn't making any progress at all. I was desperate to find a physician who could give me a definite treatment and heal me. Eventually, I received the diagnosis of COPD, hypothyroidism and iron deficiency and was admitted at Moolchand. 

    I am gladdened by the patient-focused care given to me at Moolchand. The doctors and the staff are so very professional. While they are still working on my issues, I have full confidence that they will get me back to health. Especially, Dr. A K Bali and the nurses are so compassionate and knowledgeable. Moolchand is simply the best!

    K L Monga

    81-years old

    Knowledgeable and personable pediatricians at Moolchand!

    Being a doctor, I know practicing paediatrics can be funny, weird and exhausting — to be precise, it could be very challenging with fearful, temperamental and curious toddlers. So, not everyone can be a pediatric doctor. 

    I have been visiting Moolchand many times. This time it was for my son Adheer, who is bit mischievous and moody. Definitely, I was anxious during his wellness check-up and vaccination. However, my anxiety was soon put aside when I met Dr. Shekhar Vashist – a pediatrician with outstanding experience and calm personality. He ably handled all my concerns and seemed so assuring, just with his presence and way of communication. I felt so feel comfortable asking him questions about my son’s health. For sure, Dr. Shekhar is a personable pediatrician with great qualities!

    Dr. Zulehuma

    Mother of baby Abheer

    Delighted by services at Moolchand! Great hospital!

    After a slip-and-fall accident at my home, I sustained a laceration on my forehead and my right wrist got fractured. I was brought at Moolchand’s ED where a senior resident, Dr. Ashish, stabilized my fracture and sutured the wound with great precision and care. However, the pain-killers that I took caused GERD and severe heartburn for which I was re-admitted as a patient of Dr. Shiv Chopra. My husband and I were delighted by the professional and courteous doctor. Excellent care and hospitality shown by hospital management, Dr. Shiv, the nurses and floor staff really made us feel at home. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

    Half of my illness was cured by the way Dr. Shiv and the staff interacted with us. I am thoroughly appreciative of what Moolchand and its doctors have done for me.

    Romila P


    A big "Thank You" for the medical care you provided (for my mother)!

    When medications failed to resolve my mother’s condition, I researched all the options and decided to bring her to Moolchand for a comprehensive checkup and treatment. She was diagnosed with persistent pancreatitis and multiple gallbladder stones. 

    Walking into Moolchand, I was much impressed by the clean wards and waiting areas. My mother’s information was taken in a comprehensive manner. She was seen at her appointment time and taken back to the examination room where the wait was minimal. When we met Dr. Harsh Kapoor and Dr. Shiv Chopra, they made us very comfortable and explained why surgery was the best option for treating my mother’s condition. Dr. Shiv Chopra and Dr. Harsh Kapoor removed my mother’s biliary stones via innovative procedure called ERCP and performed biliary stenting. She was saved only because of strong surgical and medical care that helped control her condition.

    The surgical team as well as the nurses focused on my mother’s fast recovery and ensured that her hospital-stay remains as comforting as possible. Overall this was a great experience and we will recommend Dr. Harsh, Dr. Shiv and Moolchand Hospital to others!

    Mrs. Rama K

    Loved the Moolchand Care experience? Refer a patient and get 10% off on a Health checkup package

    Refer a Patient

    They truly focus on complete wellness!

    When I brought my mother to Moolchand, she was in acute abdominal pain. She had been feeling extremely weak and was not able to digest food for over 3-4 days. Dr. Shiv Chopra did the necessary investigation and diagnosed her with deep seated infection to the epigastric region. I must say that Dr. Shiv Chopra is the best at what he does; his thorough examination to help address my mother’s needs shows his diligence and dedication to heal patients. My mother’s condition has vastly improved and she is totally pain free. Moolchand certainly has awesome doctors like Dr. Shiv Chopra who ensure that patients’ treatment and recovery goes as smooth as possible. Highly recommended! Five stars to Dr. Shiv Chopra and Moolchand!

    Vigari D (Feedback by Son Bhupal Singh)


    Capable hands and caring ways!

    My brother, Sunil Kumar was suffering from a life threatening condition “necrotizing pancreatitis” until Dr. Shiv Chopra saved his life. Sunil was admitted to Moolchand with severe symptoms and needed immediate care. Dr. Shiv Chopra took care of him with utmost thoroughness and precision. I am impressed by Dr. Chopra’s compassion, promptness and willingness to schedule the laprostmomy as soon as possible. The surgery was a success!

    I can't praise Dr. Chopra and Moolchand enough – my brother is perfectly alright now! It has been nothing short of an amazing experience here at Moolchand.

    Ashish K

    Brother of Sunil K

    So thankful to have found Dr. RK Malik!

    I cannot tell you enough how amazing, caring, sensitive, helpful and loving (I could go on) Dr. R K Malik has been for our little baby. It all started with what we thought might have been mild cold. Our baby started having trouble breathing due to recurrent episodes of cough, and this made us very worried.

    We took him to Dr. R K Malik, the most trusted pediatrician we have known ever. Soon the baby was diagnosed with an acute airway infection. Dr. Malik was straight forward from the beginning and he gave us full guidance. He is certainly one of the nicest, most caring pediatricians in Delhi. Today, our baby is feeling good and progressing wonderfully - thanks to Dr R K Malik’s nurturing approach to children’s treatment.

    Nisha S

    Mother of a 2-month-old baby



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