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    Patients and their families from more than 50 countries around the world have benefited from our half-century old tradition of excellence in healthcare. Our excellence has led to Moolchand being a preferred choice for many VIP’s including international diplomats and business leaders. Here is what some of our patients have to say about their Moolchand experience.

    Real patients...Real stories

    He is the best of the best gastroenterologists in Delhi!

    There were streaks of blood in my vomit, I was passing tarry stools and had many symptoms indicative of GI bleeding. Worried about the severity of my condition, my son brought me to Moolchand. The doctors responded quickly and took great care during my surgery as well as post-surgery. Critically important for me, the entire team was always open to questions, and very clear with their explanations and medical instructions. I consider myself very lucky to have found them! You have the best gastro team in Delhi.

    Vatsalya Rayamane

    Top-rated physicians and gastroenterologists at Moolchand!

    I went to Dr. Bali and Dr. Harsh Kapoor with painful abdominal symptoms and loss of appetite. Both the doctors were very thorough in the treatment of my common bile duct inflammation. Dr. Bali and Dr. Kapoor ordered appropriate tests before coming up with the diagnosis. They found that I have two stones and pus in my bile duct. What a difference after I underwent the ERCP at Moolchand.

    Now, I am free from pain and more comfortable in my daily life. I recommend Dr. Harsh Kapoor for his surgical expertise, interpersonal skills and great bedside manner, and Dr. Anil for his precision diagnosis and professionalism.

    Bhisham R

    Seamless patient-focused care!

    I was seen by multiple physicians and was administered many medications. I also had to undergo many investigations including CT, MRI, endoscopies, ultrasound scans and so on. All treatments tried at various clinics had failed. I wasn't making any progress at all. I was desperate to find a physician who could give me a definite treatment and heal me. Eventually, I received the diagnosis of COPD, hypothyroidism and iron deficiency and was admitted at Moolchand. 

    I am gladdened by the patient-focused care given to me at Moolchand. The doctors and the staff are so very professional. While they are still working on my issues, I have full confidence that they will get me back to health. Especially, Dr. A K Bali and the nurses are so compassionate and knowledgeable. Moolchand is simply the best!

    K L Monga

    81-years old

    Outstanding level of care received at Moolchand!

    After several years of medical treatment that offered little relief for my gastroenterological condition, I turned to the experts at Moolchand for through medical care. The internal medicine specialist, Dr. A K Bali, and gastroenterologist, Dr. Harsh Kapoor, offered great care to me. My endoscopy revealed numerous benign polyps — including several that were large and hard to reach; however, Dr. Harsh performed an ERCP surgery that successfully removed all those polyps. I am pain free now and my recovery is as expected. 

    I was battling a chronic gastroenterological condition; I don't how I would have done it without Moolchand doctors - Dr. A K Bali and Dr. Harsh Kapoor.

    Amrit K


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    Immense respect and gratitude for timely diagnosis and care!

    I am writing this to express my gratitude towards Dr. A K Bali for his timely diagnosis and care. I had been suffering from severe diarrhea, nausea and persistent spasm-like abdominal pains. The pain used to be so bad that it woke me up from sleep, sometimes. Having tried all medications and seeing no improvement in my condition, I had to be hospitalized at Moolchand as the signs of dehydration had begun and I was loosing my health drastically. Dr. Bali's precise treatment and expertise helped me regain my health. I am glad I chose Dr. Bali and came to Moolchand.

    Today, I am being discharged from the hospital. The entire staff was pleasant, professional and efficient. From the check-in staff to nurses and finally Dr. Bali simply made the whole experience so comfortable. Highly recommend this hospital and Dr. Bali.

    Saroj R


    Genuine care at Moolchand!

    If I was asked, “Who is the best doctor I can go to? Who would you recommend?”, I would say, ‘It’s Dr. A.K Bali’ at Moolchand. The first time I met him, I immediately bonded with him. He always amazes me with his gentle supportive nature and personalized medical guidance. When I was admitted at Moolchand with symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, fatigue, breathlessness and pain in my lower legs. Dr. Bali took excellent care of me and now, my condition has improved significantly.

    I have been visiting Moolchand since 1995. My mother’s pneumonia was also treated by Dr. Bali at Moolchand. Whenever we visit Moolchand, we find Dr. Bali and the nursing staff very professional, knowledgeable, and caring with the patients. I would recommend Dr. A K Bali to anyone needing medical care.

    Ram Bir S

    (with son Pankaj)

    My stay at Moolchand Hospital felt like being part of a large and loving family!

    I had been dismissing my alcoholism-related symptoms (loss of appetite, fullness in stomach, insomnia and irritability), thinking that they would subside on their own, but last week my condition spiked to the level of liver cirrhosis. The aggravated symptoms had almost brought me to the brink of death.

    How I fought my way back to health was all a miracle! But, it was the collective effort and surgical expertise of Dr. Harsh Kapoor, Dr. Shiv Chopra and Dr. Sachin Ambekar that made this miracle happen.

    Special thanks to Dr. Harsh who used his cognitive skills to analyze the case without depending too much on tests. It has been five years long relationship with him as a doctor and I always found him honest to his duty. I wish doctors in today’s world should take inspiration from Dr. Harsh.

    I thought I would never be well again but I am. Thanks for being a wonderful person and a great doctor to me. Moreover, my stay at Moolchand felt like being part of a large and loving family. I shall cherish that memory forever. Thanks to all of you for your care and diligence.

    S C Bhakt

    Retired PSU Executive



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