India's 1st JCI and NABH accredited Hospital
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    Why Moolchand


    For 60 + years Moolchand has been the trusted healthcare partner of generations of Delhites because of our tradition of care, compassion and excellence. Our values, history of seva, and “Patients First” culture result in Moolchand being “Simply Better”.


    At Moolchand we are focused on delivering the very best care to each patient through our team of outstanding, patient friendly and ethical physicians and care providers.

    Moolchand Care Pathways are protocol driven, reflect global best practices, and ensure that our patients consistently receive quality care. Our “Moolchand Cares” philosophy ensures putting patient interests ahead of our own and delivering care with compassion, empathy and a “human touch”. 


    At Moolchand, we are committed to bringing facilities of global standards to our patients. Our facilities have been designed by international experts to meet the highest international standards of effective medical flows, patient safety, healing and comfort. 


    We continually seek to leverage technology to enhance patient care and outcomes. Our “innovation mindset” has resulted in Moolchand being a pioneer in many medical advancements (e.g. minimal access surgery where Moolchand is recognized as a national center of excellence). 


    At Moolchand we believe in excellence in everything we do and being “a little better in a 100 details”. This mindset has led Moolchand to win multiple awards for excellence.

    We understand that modern healthcare is expensive and are focused on being more affordable to our consumers than other hospitals of equivalent quality.


    Moolchand is differentiated through an unmatched culture of uncompromising ethics and seva to others. For Moolchand healthcare is not a “business” but a vehicle to “make a difference” and create a better world.

    The Moolchand Trust has embedded in Moolchand’s DNA a culture of integrity and charity. It is no surprise that our philanthropic endeavors have touched a million+ lives to date.


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