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Today, Indians have a significantly higher life-span than a generation ago.  However, changes in our lifestyle have made us vulnerable to many diseases.  We are increasingly coming across people suffering from lifestyle diseases.  But the good news is that most of these diseases are preventable if diagnosed and treated early. 

At Moolchand we understand your desire for a healthy future.  To help ensure that lifestyle diseases are caught early, we have designed a preventive health program called HealthCheck+.  Some of our customised packages are:

  • Standard HealthCheck+
  • Diabetes HealthCheck+
  • Cardiac HealthCheck+
  • Women’s HealthCheck+
  • Children’s HealthCheck+
  • Pre-employment HealthCheck+

Key differentiating factors of our HealthCheck+ program include:

  • Conformance with WHO guidelines
  • Acclaimed and experienced doctors
  • Personalised care and attention by our dedicated teams
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Focus on holistic medicine (eg: Ayurved component)
  • Timely reporting and report confidentiality
  • Convenient location in the heart of Delhi
  • Regular upgradation of the program by our expert healthcare analysts to reflect global advances in clinical knowledge

And as always, you are assured of receiving our special ‘Moolchand Care’.

To ensure that you have a convenient and comfortable experience, we encourage you to take a prior appointment.  Your checkup may take around five hours.  So, please plan your day accordingly.

You can get in touch with our HealthCheck+ Coordinator for more information or an appointment:
M   +91 99589 97293

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