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An arthritic or injured shoulder greatly affects daily living by causing pain and limiting motion.  Shoulder replacement surgery involves implanting an artificial joint in place of the damaged or worn out joint.

Shoulder replacement surgery is one of the more difficult joint replacement procedures to perform or revise/redo.  At Moolchand you can count on our expertise in handling complex surgeries.

Depending on the assessment of patient’s condition, Moolchand offers various surgical interventions for shoulder replacement.

  • Total shoulder replacement surgery
    A total shoulder replacement is a surgery that completely replaces the damaged shoulder joint with an artificial joint.  At Moolchand we use different types of prosthesis taking into account your age, weight, activity level and your overall health.

  • Partial shoulder replacement surgery
    In patients when only a part of the shoulder joint is worn out, our team of super-specialists may advise the patient to undergo a partial shoulder replacement surgery to eliminate pain, improve movement and strength of the shoulder joint. 
  • Revision shoulder replacement surgery
    Revision shoulder replacement surgery is complicated and needs to be performed by experienced surgeons.  Our internationally trained super-specialists with deep expertise and operating experience handle the complicated revision approaches thus making Moolchand the centre of choice for such surgeries.

  • Minimally invasive shoulder replacement surgery
    Minimally invasive shoulder replacement surgery enables the surgeons to perform the surgery through a smaller incision and reduced muscle disruption.  This signifies a shorter recovery time for the patient.

    Moolchand is proud to bring you this procedure to enable early joint movement and faster recovery for its patients.  As per the individual needs and the severity of the problem our surgeons use artificial joint that best treats the patient’s specific condition. 

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