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A painful, stiff hip can keep you from doing the simple things in life, even walking without pain. Hip replacement surgery involves replacing the hip joint with an artificial joint when it is irreversibly damaged due to arthritis, injury or degenerative conditions and cannot be treated by medicines.

Moolchand offers the complete range of hip replacement surgeries to improve your quality of life by giving you a stable, pain-free hip with excellent angle of motion.  Depending on the severity of a patient’s condition and the doctor’s judgment, various surgical interventions for hip replacement are available. 

  • Total hip replacement surgery
    Total hip replacement surgery completely replaces the worn-out hip joint with an artificial hip joint.  At Moolchand we would choose the best prosthesis like cemented, un-cemented and hybrid after the careful diagnosis of patient’s particular hip problems, life style and age.

  • Partial hip replacement surgery
    In some patients only one part of the hip is damaged or diseased.  In such a situation our team of super-specialists may advise the patient to undergo a partial hip replacement surgery.  This enables the patient to return to his/her normal activities with minimal to no restrictions.

  • Revision hip replacement surgery
    An artificial hip can wear out with time and may need revision replacement surgery which is challenging and needs deep expertise.  The deep expertise of our super-specialists and our track record of superior clinical outcomes has made Moolchand the centre of choice for revision hip replacement surgeries.

  • Minimally invasive hip replacement surgery
    Minimally invasive hip replacement surgery facilitates the surgeons to operate with greater accuracy and less injury to the body.  It allows a more natural reconstruction after the artificial joint is placed and makes it possible for the patient to return to normal function and activity in a less time.

    Moolchand is one of the few hospitals to make this technique available to its patients to enable them recover faster permitting early motion.

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