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Knee replacement surgery involves replacing a knee joint that has been damaged or worn away, usually by arthritis or injury. Moolchand offers the complete range of joint replacement surgeries for patients to improve mobility and reduce knee pain.

Patient care is adapted to meet the individual needs.  At Moolchand depending on the severity of a patient’s condition and the doctor’s judgment, various surgical interventions for knee replacement are available.

  • Total Knee Replacement Surgery
    Total knee replacement is a surgery that completely replaces the worn-out knee joint with an artificial metal or plastic knee joint.  At Moolchand we use the different types of prosthesis like rotating platform, ligament preserving and ligament sacrificing taking into account your age, weight, activity level and your overall health.

  • Unicondylar Knee Replacement Surgery
    In some patients only one half of the knee is worn out and needs replacement.  In such a situation our team of super-specialists may advise the patient to undergo a partial knee replacement also known as unicondylar knee replacement surgery. 

  • Revision Knee Replacement Surgery
    The usual life span of a successful total knee replacement is about 15 years.  It may however vary under individual circumstances.  In such a case a revision knee replacement surgery is required where a part or the whole of the previous knee replacement needs to be revised.

    Revision knee replacement surgery is complicated and requires professional expertise.  At Moolchand you can trust the capability and operating experience of our super specialists in successfully conducting revision knee replacement surgery.

  • Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery
    Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery involves all the same steps as a traditional knee replacement but enables the surgeons to perform the surgery through a smaller incision.  Patients require shorter hospital stay, shorter recovery time and can soon return to the normal function and activity.

    Moolchand is one of the few hospitals to offer minimally invasive knee replacement to its patients.  Our surgeons and medical support team specialises in diagnosing and treating knee problems through minimally invasive procedures.

    Our “innovation mindset” has won us recognition as a national centre of excellence for the minimally invasive surgeries.

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