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Heading of Campus Recruiting

At Moolchand, we intend to create a global leader in healthcare services. In addition, we intend to develop young graduates as the “future” leaders of Moolchand (and Indian healthcare).

The collective expertise, talent and experience of our members help us deliver lasting impact, provide our people with a wide array of choices, and create opportunities for exceptional professional and personal growth.

We believe that an apprenticeship is the best way to learn. Our Summer Internships provide terrific learning opportunities with exposure to senior leaders and a chance to work on high impact initiatives.

If you prove your excellence during your Summer Internship, on completion of your education you will be offered an opportunity to join our Young Leaders Program, a Moolchand initiative to develop the business leaders of tomorrow.

If you aspire to change the world and your own growth trajectory then consider the Moolchand opportunity. We have 2 core programs for our campus recruitment:

  • Management Trainee
    As a management trainee, we will give you the opportunity to support a process/be a process owner. We will help you develop foundational knowledge required to be a good manager. As you acquire the necessary skills, you will be given additional responsibilities.

  • Business Analyst
    As a business analyst, you will be provided process/project/initiative leadership opportunities. You will be responsible for data gathering, global benchmarking, conducting market research and necessary quantitative analytics for rolling out tools and processes. At times you are likely to work on developing strategic as well as business development initiatives.


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