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Heading of Preferred Partner Networks

Under the PPN program, a Nursing Home can send patients who require In-Patient Care to Moolchand Medcity. The following services shall be provided to the referred patients of Nursing Homes at Moolchand:

A designated physician from the Nursing Home can visit a referred patient once-a-day.

The designated physician from a Nursing Home can admit their patients under his/her name at Moolchand and use our facilities for performing any surgery/procedure. The physician would be paid a surgeon's fees as per the Moolchand standards and he/she would also be responsible for managing the patient with support from the resident doctors and nursing staff at the Nursing Home.

  • Free collection of pathology samples once a day, at a mutually agreed time from the Nursing Home
  • Free transfer of radiology patients from the Nursing Home to Moolchand
  • Discount on tests to Dr. Sharma's Nursing Home (from Moolchand's list prices).

  • Free ambulance transfers for patients in need of In-Patient care from the Nursing Home to Moolchand
  • Access to Moolchand's blood bank facilities on a replacement basis.

For all referred patients from the Nursing Home to Moolchand, we will offer:

  • A regular Patient status report, as requested by the Nursing Home
  • A copy of the discharge summary will be sent to the Nursing Home to facilitate follow up.

  • Free attendance at any of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) program organized by Moolchand.
  • Free training on emergency handling procedures for nurses and paramedical staff of the Nursing Home.
  • Free training on communication/customer interface skills for the front office staff of the Nursing Home.

Incase of any queries of the Nursing Home, our Guest Relations officer Mr. Rajiv Tyagi (011-4200 0000), would be the single point of contact.
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