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At Moolchand we realize that collaboration is a crucial ingredient to creating pre-eminent institutions and foster an environment that rewards excellence in ideas, clinical care and service delivery. Physicians can count on some things – a management team keen to implement physician ideas, an open door policy to meet the CEO, minimal politics, a culture of renewal and constant improvement…

We aspire to be leaders in healthcare and will not settle for mediocrity. Having an expansive canvas with time-tested values, Moolchand provides you an empowering platform to achieve your desired objectives - patient satisfaction, professional growth, team spirit, medical innovations, research opportunities and much more.

The Moolchand physician experience goes beyond name brand recognition, world class infrastructure, robust processes and systems and superior management support.

We respect your individuality and personal goals by offering tailored engagement model based on your needs.

At Moolchand we recognize that life has its ups and downs. In times of personal and professional crisis you can count on Moolchand being there by your side. Our supportive approach has helped us create many enduring physician partnerships. It is no surprise that many leading physicians have spent their entire career as a part of the Moolchand family.

Physicians can count on attractive merit based remuneration, global exposure and professional freedom in their association with Moolchand.

We comply with global standards and follow best practices while giving each physician an opportunity to prosper and create his/her own distinctive niche.

If our vision and culture excite you and you would like to further understand opportunities at Moolchand, please do not hesitate in contacting us to schedule an informational interview or a walkthrough of our facilities.

You can contact our Physician Recruitment Team by:

We look forward to redefining healthcare… together!


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